Sleep Disorders In Ad

Medications known to worsen symptoms include anti-nausea drugs, caffeine antihistamines, antidepressants, antipsychotic drugs, and anti-seizure medications. Patients with gluten sensitivity enteropathy may notice a worsening of symptoms when gluten is ingested. Because restless leg syndrome is associated with low iron levels, all patients with symptoms should have iron and ferritin levels. Iron supplements are often used as a treatment for restless leg syndrome. In familial cases, folic acid supplements, vitamin E and ginkgo biloba are reported to improve symptoms.
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Many sleep disorders can involve sexual behaviors

A 1/3 misdiagnosis rate is enough of a reason to look more closely for sleep disorders. In those who didn’t have primary sleep disorders, just under 90% met the criteria for at least one measurable sleep problem. Researchers identified four different groups based on sleep abnormalities. They were: Group 1: Slower to get to sleep, delayed Rapid Eye Movement (REM), lower percentages of stage 2 and REM sleep; Group 2: More frequent awakenings; Group 3: Longer total sleep time, less delayed REM sleep, higher percentage of REM sleep, lower percentage of wake time; Group 4: Shortest total sleep time, highest percentage of wake time after sleep onset. Researchers concluded that doctors need to routinely screen for sleep disorders when considering an ME/CFS diagnosis, and that they should use sleep studies to identify sleep problems and tailor treatments to the specific groups.
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Sleep Disorders in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

“We wanted to call attention to how virtually all known categories of sleep disorders carry a risk for inappropriate sexual behaviors,” said Schenck, who is also author of the book Sleep: The Mysteries, the Problems, and the Solutions. This is important, he told Reuters Health, because people with these problems should be aware that they are part of a sleep-related disorder that can be diagnosed and treated — and not a sign of perversion. In the case of sexsomnia, the problem is usually a “disorder of arousal” from non-dream sleep. This means that people are partially aroused from deep sleep, resulting in a “twilight sleep-wake state” where they unconsciously act, with seriously impaired judgment. In their report, Schenck and his colleagues detail the range of sleep disorders that can be accompanied by sexsomnia or waking-hour sexual problems.
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