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First Impressions Skin Care


September 23, 2013 Neutrogena has announced that actress Julie Bowen has returned to the brands roster of talent after being a previous brand ambassador for seven years. September 18, 2013 U.S. dollar sales of prestige department store beauty products grew 6% in the 12 months ending August 2013 compared with the year-ago period, driven by strong growth in makeup and skin care, according to the NPD Group. September 13, 2013 ChapStick, part of the Pfizer portfolio of consumer brands, on Friday announced a new lip balm with advanced moisturizing and anti-aging Derm Exclusive ingredients. September 10, 2013 Equity investor TSG Consumer Partners has made a minority equity investment in IT Cosmetics, a beauty line that is primarily distributed on QVC and the Shopping Channel, and is now expanding to Ulta Beauty stores. September 5, 2013 Carma Labs, the maker of Carmex lip balms and skin care products, has announced the introduction of a fragrance-free healing cream, an alternative to the companys fragranced Everyday Healing Cream product.
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While I have never had that type of facial before, her “bedside manner” was refreshing. She asked probing questions to meet my needs and exceeded my expectations. I was very impressed with her knowledge and that she took the time to understand what I wanted to achieve. I was impressed and will continue using her services.” – H.C., St. Louis “I have had only two facials so far, and my skin is noticeably different & my skin is more smooth and evenly toned than I have ever seen it. Billie was by far the most gentle with extractions than any esthetician I’ve worked with. By far the most relaxing facial I have ever had!
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Must have skin care products while travelling

But while packing your bag, make sure to take along skin care products like moisturiser and face wash. Here are a few must-carry skin care products suggested by Aakriti Kochar, beauty and makeup expert, Oriflame India: – Light-weight moisturiser or sunblock: These will help to avoid skin damage and pigmentation. – Face wash: When excess oil settles on your skin for long, it causes acne. It is advised to wash face every six to eight hours to avoid such skin problems.
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Fitness Technology Comes Home With First Cardio Equipment With Wireless Connectivity

These touch screens integrate with Life Fitness’ LFconnect, a cloud-based solution that gives exercisers log-in capabilities, personalization options and customized workouts. Exercisers can access personal content, navigate the web, create workout programs and set content preferences. “More than 95 percent of exercisers desire access to online content on exercise equipment,” said Matt Brennand, director of product technology and consumer products for Life Fitness. “The new Platinum Club Series gives exercisers unprecedented access to not just online content like YouTube and Facebook, but the latest in fitness applications so exercisers can customize their workout experience.” The Platinum Club Series includes a new cross-trainer, and all machines feature the touch screen Discover consoles. Products include: Platinum Discover SE Cross-trainer (16″ touch screen with integrated TV) Platinum Discover SI Cross-trainer (10″ touch screen) Platinum Discover SE Treadmill (19″ touch screen with integrated TV) Platinum Discover SI Treadmill (10″ touch screen) Platinum Discover SE Upright Lifecycle Bike (16″ touch screen with integrated TV) Platinum Discover SI Upright Lifecycle Bike (10″ touch screen) Platinum Discover SE Recumbent Lifecycle Bike (16″ touch screen with integrated TV) Platinum Discover SI Recumbent Lifecycle Bike (10″ touch screen) Key features: Apple and Android Compatibility: 57 percent of exercisers use a smartphone or tablet during their workout*, and the new Platinum Club Series is the 1st home exercise equipment to offer access to users’ personal library of music, videos, apps and books, while also charging phones Internet Connectivity: provide a reliable and consistent wireless or Ethernet connection to online content Interactive Lifescape Courses: exclusive courses through famous locations with controls that automatically adjust video speed, incline and resistance Swipe Technology: hyper-sensitive touch screen response and easier navigation, similar to a tablet App Integration: compatible with popular apps, including LFconnect, Lose it!
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9 new group fitness hot spots

Avant Barre is a barre class recently founded by Bay Area native Char Gueco. Photo: Quoc Ngo

Leawood, KS (PRWEB) September 20, 2013 A recent article published on Fitness Life Stories brings attention to the ground breaking announcements coming out of the health care world. In particular, the fitness and lifestyle website examines the announcement by Google of the new health and well-being company Calico, which according to the article will be under the leadership of Genetech and Apple Chairman Arthur D. Levinson, and the announcement by Amgen detailing how it’s newest drug AMG services patients suffering from high cholesterol levels and heightened risk of heart disease. Mary Myers, an editor of the site, commented on the recently published article, “The news coming out lately is extremely exciting, health care companies are really pushing the boundaries of what we thought was possible,” she said, “At Fitness Life Stories we wanted to not only make our readers aware of the newest innovations in health care, but also help them think about how their own lives will be impacted and help them determine which area of development is most likely to help them and their families.” The article maintains that developments in health care are happening in two different areas. The article distinguishes between the recent breakthroughs in medicine, which are happening in a field that most people have some basic understanding of, and the possible advancements of a company like Calico, which the article asserts are beyond what most people even imagine when they think of health care. Myers explained the difference between the two areas of advancement, “We want to engage our readers’ imaginations as far as what possibilities there may be in the future, but in the end it’s important that improved medicine is likely to be more accessible and realistic for many more years, as compared to radical new treatments such as gene therapy.” The recently published article concluded that readers should use everything currently available to improve their health, and encouraged readers to remain optimistic about new potential in the future.
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Fitness Life Stories Compares How Calico And AMG Services American Patients

Blitz’s high-intensity conditioning routines are focused on elevating your overall fitness to the next level. Photo: Blitz Blitz’s high-intensity conditioning routines are focused on… With 30,000 square feet of space, six studios and 101 group fitness classes a week (in addition to occasional workshops and seminars), Studiomix is for those who thrive on variety and enjoy the challenge of keeping up with the person next to you. With 30,000 square feet of space, six studios and 101 group fitness… Xercise Lab in Palo Alto, created by instructor Jenny Rowe, engage the whole body rather than isolate muscles, and none of the classes use equipment.
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The Skin You’re In: 4 Notes On Pregnancy And Postpartum Body Image

Q&A: Ivanka Trump Talks Motherhood & Her Second Pregnancy!

Body shame proliferates and leaves women feeling stymied during a time when identity is shifting so completely. As disorienting as it may be, pregnancy and the months following provide a supremely important time for women to muster a newfound understanding of letting go of ultimate control — control over the body, control over “getting it back” and control over striving for an image of perfection our babies surely don’t need us to embody. Here are four ways we can endeavor to take good care of ourselves as we witness our bodies changing during pregnancy and in the postpartum period: 1. Acknowledge the Transformation. When you learned you were pregnant, what were your initial body-related thoughts? Joy, dread, awe, fear? Being keenly aware of our reactions to body change can help yield a more graceful experience during pregnancy and beyond.
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Natural hair care during pregnancy

CT theme park

As a working mom, how do you balance it all? Do you think the modern mom can have it all? I dont know. I think having it all is a very subjective thing.
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If you are wearing an afro, trim the ends to maximize manageability. Once you have a good hair cut or trim, be sure to keep your hair conditioned and tangle free. Try to avoid coloring your hair as the chemicals in dyes can penetrate the scalp and the fumes, even if not very noticeable, can affect your baby. Invest in the basic products, shampoo conditioner, moisturizer and oil and follow a regular regimen to cleanse, condition and moisturize your hair. Wearing 2 strand twists or braids without extensions can give your hair multiple style options without having to redo every week. Most naturals can wear braids or twists for 3-4 weeks without the hair locking up on its own. Finally, take your vitamins.
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Nutrition Labels Are Misleading Us

Nutrition after surgery: What you need to know for a speedy recovery

Chicory root, also known as inulin, actually does cause gastrointestinal problems with some people, according to Warner. But, she adds, some processed foods touting high fiber use soluble corn fiber or oat fiber instead. Its better than not getting fiber, she concludes. But the problem is that if youre just relying on these added fibers for your fiber content, its not ideal because our bodies really need a whole diversity of different types of fiber. In other words, your diet might contain your requisite 25 or 38 grams of fiber based on those nutrition labels, but if it all comes from one homogenous source then you arent giving your body what it needs. Michael Pollen wrote about these recently, explaining how fiber is indigestible to us but it feeds our gut microbes, and they break it down into short-chain fatty acids. This feeds our gut lining, called the epithelium.
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Are Nutrition Labels More or Less Pointless?

Since surgical trauma causes an increase in the bodys metabolic rate, vitamin C levels can drop. So, consuming up to 1,000 milligrams of vitamin C for up to one week after surgery can help expedite tissue repair. A combination of food, juice and supplements can be used to attain this level. Prune juice or stewed prunes are an excellent addition to the diet, since prunes are high in vitamin C and can help relieve constipation that is a common side effect of drug therapy. Vitamins A and D are also critical after surgery. Vitamin A supports collagen strength and is necessary for bone development, and studies have shown that vitamin D has been linked to shorter recovery times.
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A few important takeaways from Richardsons article for those of us who are never going to be able to keep our palmitic and stearic acids straight: Not all calories are created equal. Yes, as Richardson points out, you can get 100 calories from, say, a banana or a bunch of potato chips, but that doesnt mean theyre equally nutritious or equally filling. Not all fiber is created equal, either. You want to look for a range of fibers, preferably from whole vegetables and fruits as well as whole grains . Supplementing your fiber intake with things like Fiber One bars is better than getting too little fiber, but its still not providing the diversity of fiber thats best for your body. Check to see where those vitamins and minerals are coming from. Food manufacturers will often fortify their products with added vitamins and minerals (yes, breakfast cereals are famous for this).
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