Your hair product to blame for hair loss

Dr Mahajan says – “Hair is the fastest growing organ in the human body but has less stability. So when there is a change in season, or an exam coming up, it is generally accompanied with hair loss. Plus, there are other factors, like not enough exposure to sun and vitamin D deficiency, peer pressure or anxiety.” Whereas, Dr. Nitin Walia – Dermatology Consultant at Max Hospital, Delhi says – the reason for hair loss in women can menopause , hormonal imbalance, post pregnancy and menstrual cycle. To prevent hair problems among both the sexes, it is important that awareness is created at an early age, so that timely detection can prevent from major problems. Besides, random use of hair care products should be avoided.
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Hair-Loss Drugs’ Big Growth in China

When we started our hair-loss clinic in 2000, we probably saw three patients a day, and now I get about 30, says Yang Shuxia, a dermatologist at the Peking University First Hospital in Beijing. There is increasing awareness that baldness is a medical condition that can be treated. Yang says she commonly prescribes Propecia (approved in China since 2001) and generic versions of Rogaine for her male patients and generic forms of Pfizers ( PFE ) Aldactone for women. Her patients are typically college students who say losing their hair affects their chances of getting jobs, finding a girlfriend, or successful matchmaking, she says. The China Association of Health Promotion and Education surveyed 1,280balding men in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Chengdu last June and found 47percent of respondents had used hair-growth shampoos, visited hair-loss centers, or even swallowed snake gallbladders.
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